My name is Konstantinos KonstantopouIos,  the designer and creative mind behind the brand “CURIO”. Having always been passionate about art and creating things, I’ve tried several forms of art but jewellery attracted my interest. You can create wearable art, objects that we can carry with us, decorate the human body and our everyday life. 

The inspiration for the name “CURIO” came from 16th century “cabinet of curiosities”. A cabinet of curiosities, “wunderkammer”, was a microcosmos of the world. A broad collection of extraordinary objects and artifacts with a particular leaning towards the rare, eclectic and esoteric attempting to tell stories about the wanders and oddities of the world. 

At CURIO jewellery studio we create individually designed, one-of-a-kind or limited edition premium contemporary jewellery. We combine the best of modern design and technology with the craftmanship of handmade traditional silversmithing. Every piece has its own story with intricate details and a special attention to every step of production; from the original sketch until the final creation. 

CURIO considers jewellery as a reflection of the wearer’s personality. Thus, our studio’s main objective is to make each individual creation an unforgettable experience for those looking for more than an accesory; for those looking for a way to express themselves. 

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, “CURIO” jewellery studio